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The Future is…Vegan

  • City Restaurant
  • January 2018

We’ve read a lot in the press recently about the rise of veganism and the subsequent rise of vegan products and eateries, one story in particular that caught our eye in the Harden Guide is ‘Veganuary’, where restaurants are offering vegan dishes throughout the month of January.

With a 350% increase over the last decade, people are choosing to be vegan from all walks of life. Whether for health, animal welfare and environmental reasons, or all of the above, chefs and restauranteurs can’t ignore the fact that customers are beginning to expect to be catered for, whatever their dietary requirements are.

The rise in celebrities supporting the vegan movement on social media has significantly increased awareness with young people. This, alongside the need to cater for a variety of food allergies creates new challenges for chefs who are already feeling stretched, from coming up with menu options to educating waiting and kitchen staff on what these dietary requirements mean and how you can accommodate them.

Whether this a fad attracting Millennials or a sustainable movement that will affect more of the general population as time goes on, kitchens are under pressure to serve the same standard of food, no matter what a customer’s personal choices or dietary requirements are.

Are you embracing this wave to create new and exciting plates or do just do what you need to get by? We’d love to know you’re thoughts here.

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