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Unlocking Success: The Power of Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Hospitality Staffing Solutions

In the bustling world of hospitality, where standards is a not just a goal, but an absolute necessity, hospitality staffing solutions are in high demand. In the ever changing world of chef recruitment, agencies play a primary role providing hospitality staffing solutions to the industry. At Chefs for Chefs, we provide a range of services for our customers, to support their business either on a temporary basis or permanent basis too!

Tailored Hospitality Recruitment Services:

At the heart of our chef agency lies a commitment to tailored recruitment solutions. Understanding that each establishment is unique, we delve deep into the specific needs, culture, and requirements of our clients. From upscale restaurants to boutique hotels, we can connect you with the right talent for your business. Whats more, we offer a flexible instalment package available, with no fees upfront, it's a no brainer for any hospitality business. Learn more about our Hospitality Recruitment Service here.

Relief Chef Service

With years of industry expertise under our belt, we have a large bank of relief chefs that are employed by us, to provide relief chef services to our hospitality clients. A relief chef can provide many benefits and cover a range of eventualities. Things like holiday cover, emergency sickness cover, maternity cover or even just whilst you recruit a permanent member of the team, our relief chef service can provide the respite your team needs.

Enhanced DBS Chefs

One of the more in demand hospitality staffing solutions requested by our customers is our DBS chef service. We provide Cooks for care homes, Head chefs for schools and even DBS chefs for UHNW clients. We have recently launched a new in house training scheme too, where we can complete DBS checks with 48 Hours, assign Allergen Awareness level 2 and Food Hygiene Level 2 training to all of our contractors. If you need a DBS chef, you can learn more about the service here.

Did You Know?

As of January 2024 there was 109,000 open hospitality vacancies according to the ONS. A decrease of 38,000 from January 2023. Which is great news!, or is it? The main reason maybe down to the economic climate, with more hospitality businesses closing, or a lack of trade, it's unclear of the reason for the decrease.

Another cause for concern is that record high number of people of leaving the industry for a better work life balance.

In conclusion, hospitality staffing solutions represent the cornerstone of success in the dynamic world of the industry. As a chef recruitment agency, we are committed to revolutionising the way culinary talent is sourced, nurtured, and deployed. Through tailored recruitment services, industry expertise, streamlined processes, and ongoing support, we empower establishments to unlock their full potential and deliver the best talent to your business.

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