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A Case Study in Hospitality Recruitment

Updated: Feb 7

catering and Hospitality Recruitment


In the competitive landscape of hospitality, finding and retaining skilled personnel poses significant challenges for businesses. This case study delves into how our hospitality recruitment service, led by Matt Cantrill, addressed these challenges for one of our clients.

Challenges Faced by the Client:

Like many hospitality businesses, our client struggled to attract and retain top talent within a reasonable budget. With staffing levels fluctuating and internal outreach efforts falling short, maintaining operational efficiency and delivering exceptional service became increasingly challenging.

Differentiated Hospitality Recruitement:

What sets our recruitment process apart is our personalised approach. With Matt's 15 years of hospitality experience and local network, we tap into a pool of candidates with proven track records. Rather than relying solely on traditional methods, we prioritise individuals with whom we've previously worked or placed.

Client's Specific Criteria and Candidate Selection:

Our client, a multi-outlet, 4-star hotel operation, sought a reliable Sous chef for their restaurant. Calvin, a familiar face known for his impeccable attendance and positive customer feedback, emerged as the ideal candidate. His expressed desire for a permanent role aligned perfectly with our client's needs.

Placement Benefits and Outcomes:

Calvin's placement brought immediate benefits to our client. By transitioning from relief chef services to a permanent solution, they achieved stability within their kitchen team. This not only improved workforce morale but also reduced the workload for existing staff, resulting in enhanced consistency in service delivery.

Strengthening Client Relationships:

The successful placement of Calvin solidified our partnership with the client. By fulfilling their staffing needs and contributing to their operational efficiency, we demonstrated our commitment to their long-term success. This mutually beneficial relationship serves as a testament to the value of personalised recruitment services.


In an industry where talent acquisition is paramount, personalised recruitment approaches can make all the difference. This case study highlights the importance of understanding client needs, leveraging industry expertise, and fostering strong relationships. As we continue to provide bespoke solutions, we invite others to explore the possibilities of our hospitality recruitment services.

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