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How to write a professional resignation letter.

Updated: Feb 7

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Transitioning to a new job is an exciting milestone, but it's important to handle the resignation process with professionalism and grace. Follow these tips to resign from your current hospitality position on a positive note:

Pre-Resignation Preparation

Before resigning, review your employment contract to determine your notice period. Then, have a respectful conversation with your manager to inform them of your decision. Choose an end date for your employment during this discussion.

Remember, quitting a job is a common occurrence, and your manager may understand your reasons for leaving, such as seeking new opportunities for growth.

Ensure your affairs are in order, as you may lose access to company resources sooner than expected.

Writing Your Resignation Letter

Compose a formal resignation letter addressed to your manager. Keep it concise and professional, focusing on your intention to resign and your last working day.

Include in your letter:

  • The date of submission for record-keeping.

  • Address to the appropriate individual, usually your manager.

  • A brief paragraph stating your name, current position, and intention to resign.

  • Your last working day.

  • Your signature and contact information for post-departure communication.

Express your commitment to facilitating a smooth transition for the company, including completing tasks and training your replacement. Be realistic about what you can accomplish during your notice period.

Express gratitude for the opportunities and experiences gained during your tenure, highlighting key learnings and accomplishments.

What Not to Include in Your Resignation Letter

Avoid negativity or airing grievances in your resignation letter. Keep it professional and save any concerns for exit interviews or discussions with HR.

Ensure your letter is free from poor spelling and grammar, avoids discussing new salary details, personal feelings about leaving, or issues with colleagues or management.

Resignation Letter Template

A resignation letter should be concise, not exceeding one page.

Here's a sample template to guide you:

[Your Address]

[City, county, post code] [Date]

Dear [Manager's Name],

Please accept this letter as my formal notification of resignation from my position as [Your Position] at [Company Name]. As per the notice period outlined in my contract, my last day with the company will be [Day, Date].

I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition during my remaining time with the company. I will endeavor to complete ongoing projects and assist with the training of my replacement.

I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had during my time at [Company Name]. It has been fulfilling to achieve [State Accomplishment] with my team.

While I am excited about the opportunities ahead, I will fondly remember my time here. I wish you and [Company Name] continued success in the future. Please feel free to contact me for any further assistance after my departure.

Warm regards,

[Your Signature]

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Leaving a job gracefully sets a positive tone for your future endeavors and maintains professional relationships for potential references or future collaborations.

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