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ICYMI : Michelin Guide UK 24 | the latest Michelin Starred Restaurants

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On Monday 5th February, The MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Great Britain & Ireland 2024 took place at The Midland Hotel in Manchester. It was a night of celebration, with a new Three Star restaurant unveiled, as well as 6 new Two Stars, and 18 restaurants newly awarded One Michelin Star. Here, we take a closer look at them all, and why they impressed the Inspectors this year.

Whats more, we are delighted for the customers that received and retained their Michelin Starred status this year, congratulations to them all.

New 1 Michelin Star Restaurants

The influence of two renowned chefs combine at 1890 by Gordon Ramsay, which serves as a wonderful tribute to Georges Auguste Escoffier. It’s named after the year in which Escoffier came to The Savoy, and now Ramsay oversees a menu of dishes that take inspiration from the French maestro. There are many famous Gallic recipes among Executive Chef James Sharp’s roster, like bouillabaisse à la Marseillaise or consommé Rabelais. Each one is refined, beautifully presented and executed with such skill that Escoffier himself would be proud.

Akoko, London

At Akoko, Executive Chef Ayo Adeyemi has taken his creative West African cooking to a new level, with outstanding dishes like jollof rice with Herdwick lamb. The quality of the ingredients is superb, as are the culinary techniques on display, showcased in dishes that deliver refinement and wonderful depth of flavour. Between Ayo and owner Aji Akokomi, they are succeeding in their mission of raising the profile of West African cooking in the UK.

Aulis, London

This creative restaurant is a part of the Simon Rogan stable; he enlisted Executive Chef Oli Marlow and Head Chef Charlie Tayler to help make Aulis a success, and they have achieved that with aplomb. It’s a "chef’s table" style restaurant where the kitchen team cook right in front of you and explain their cooking in detail – all with the aid of a beautiful Italian slate counter. Dishes are pretty, precise and skilfully crafted, but crucially, satisfying too.

The eponymous Chef here has been awarded a Michelin Star once again, having previously held the distinction for six years at the now-closed HRiSHi. Now based inside Farlam Hall Hotel in northernmost Cumbria, Hrishikesh’s Indian heritage influences the menu of dishes that are deftly spiced and technically precise. Quality produce forms the basis of the cooking, which also displays sophistication and strong depth of flavour. The refurbished country house setting adds an air of elegance to proceedings.

Chishuru, London

Joining Akoko in shining a spotlight on West African cuisine, Chishuru and its Chef-Owner Adejoké Bakare impressed the Michelin Inspectors enough to go straight into the Guide with a Star. The wholly enjoyable set menu of West African dishes is well-balanced and offers interesting but always complementary flavour combinations. Quality ingredients and the chefs’ confident judgement run throughout, while the bright décor is joined by a good buzz in the atmosphere.

Crocadon, St Mellion

Last year, Chef-Owner Dan Cox’s restaurant was awarded a Green Star for its commitment to sustainability, and this year the cooking itself has been recognised for the sheer quality on every plate. Dishes are balanced, sophisticated and the epitome of field-to-fork dining, with the team consistently showing a thoughtful, intelligent and skilled approach to delivering the best produce their land has to offer. Come on a Sunday lunchtime for a great value ‘Feasting Menu’.

At this corner site in the centre of Dublin, you’re greeted by an architecturally striking building that certainly promises a certain grandeur. The interior, in fact, has a more modern, pared-back feel, and it’s the dishes themselves that are most visually impressive. Executive Chef and Co-Owner James Moore has plenty of international experience, and has crafted a menu that demonstrates all the technical skill, refined combinations and depth of flavour you would expect of a Michelin Starred establishment.

Dorian, London

In Notting Hill, the team at Dorian are serving Michelin Star level food with the laid-back atmosphere of your favourite neighbourhood restaurant. As soon as you enter, you feel a great energy from both the kitchen and your fellow diners. Head Chef Max Coen and his team excel at both complex and simpler dishes, with the latter showing a lack of pretension as well as a superb understanding of when to hold back and let the ingredients shine. Plates are designed for sharing and the wood-fired grilling is executed with tremendous skill.

On Ireland’s west coast, we have what is surely the most rural of the newly anointed Stars. Run by Robbie and Sophie McCauley, who met while working at Gregan’s Castle, Homestead Cottage in Doolin is a thoroughly charming place. Its setting inside a former crofter’s cottage provides plenty of character, and dishes are often brought to the table by Robbie and his fellow chefs with palpable pride. Garden produce and local ingredients like Aran monkfish are used in cooking that demonstrates refinement, precision and a great understanding of balance.

One of two Japanese restaurant to receive its first Michelin Star this year, Humble Chicken has greatly benefitted from Chef-Owner Angelo Sato’s decision to change approach from yakitori-based small plates to a set tasting menu. His risk has paid off, with the Michelin Inspectors mightily impressed by the original, bold dishes that provide assured flavours, as well as excellent texture and temperature combinations. The signature ‘Humble Chicken – Shokuji’ is a real knock-out.

Humo, London

At Humo, the team have achieved a Michelin Star by taking on-trend cooking over fire to the next level. There’s no gas or electricity in Miller Prada’s kitchen, instead different varieties of wood are used to flavour top-notch ingredients in dishes that are separated into 'Ignite', 'Smoke', 'Flame' and 'Embers' on the menu, according to how they come into contact with the fire. The cooking is highly skilled and has an original streak, combining subtle Japanese influences with those from Britain and Miller’s native Colombia.

In the pretty town of Ambleside, Lake Road Kitchen joins the roster of Michelin-Starred restaurants in the Lake District. Chef-Owner James Cross has truly established himself here, and his cooking has now taken the leap to the next level. The tasting menu flows with ease from one skilful dish to the next, with each one demonstrating balance, restraint and harmonious flavour combinations. The cooking is modern in style, with influences from around the globe used to get the best out of the first-rate produce.

Mountain, London

Tomos Parry from Brat has brought his Basque-inspired, wood-fired cuisine to a larger space in the streets of Soho and it’s proved to be a real hit. A great buzz fills both its floors, while a more spacious open kitchen has allowed Head Chef Josean Balotin and team to expand their repertoire to include dishes likes the signature whole lobster caldereta. With a refreshing lack of over-complication, the cooking at Mountain reminds us of the simple joys of naturally delicious prime ingredients.

mýse, Hovingham

Located in the rural north of England, mýse goes straight into the Guide with One Michelin Star. It’s owned and run by Victoria and Joshua Overington, formerly of Le Cochon Aveugle in nearby York. Joshua heads up the kitchen, working on an extensive tasting menu of dishes that showcase a wide variety of techniques. Excellent ingredients – cooked expertly – are the backbone of the dishes, which deliver originality and great depth of flavour.

In the heart of London’s smartest district, Ormer has earned a Michelin Star thanks to its strong, classically based cooking with hints of modernity. Executive Chef Sofian Msetfi took over the kitchen in 2021, and his hard work over the last couple of years has been richly rewarded. The Guide Inspectors were impressed with the precision and high level of technical skill across the dishes. The restaurant is located inside Flemings Hotel and uses vegetables grown at its sister hotel in Essex.

The Four Seasons Hotel plays host to this new outpost from renowned French Chef Yannick Alléno. His style of cooking is French in base but incorporates global influences from North Africa to Japan, resulting in excitingly original dishes. These are masterfully executed here by Head Chef Benjamin Ferra Y Castell, with cooking that enhances the excellent natural flavours of the ingredients. This being Mayfair, much of that produce comes from the luxury end of the scale.

Inside the luxurious 45 Park Lane Hotel – part of the Dorchester Collection – sits this British outpost for eponymous Chef Shinji Kanesaka, which offers Londoners a taste of his exceptional Japanese cuisine. Head Chef Hirotaka Wada is the one working behind the hinoki wood counter, crafting an omakase menu on which sushi, like squid nigiri, unsurprisingly proves to be the highlight. The experience is greatly enhanced by the impeccable service and the simple, authentic décor that gives you the feeling of dining in Japan.

Inside Cashel Palace Hotel, Head Chef Stefan McEnteer and his team have crafted a menu of dishes that demonstrate great skill in their execution, along with terrific flavours and balance. There is detail and care in the cooking, but plates are never overworked, instead allowing the top quality Irish ingredients to do the heavy lifting. The food – along with the confident, efficient service from a friendly team – is entirely befitting of the rather grand setting in the cellar of this magnificent hotel.

New 2 Michelin Starred Restaurants

Brooklands, London

While most of the new Two Star restaurants are promotions from One Star, Brooklands has the impressive distinction of going straight into the Guide with Two Stars. Perched on the top floor of the stunning Peninsula Hotel, itself a fairly new opening in London, the cooking here is delivered by Francesco Dibenedetto, with Claude Bosi overseeing. Dishes are overtly seasonal and showcase British ingredients at their best, in highly visual dishes that are delivered with a refined execution. The overall experience is as elegant as the hotel.

Gymkhana, London

The wonderful Gymkhana is one of two Indian restaurants to become the first in the UK to receive Two Michelin Stars. For years, it’s been a fixture of the London dining scene and the team led by Siddharth Ahuja have continued to evolve and improve. Dishes are largely based on traditional Indian recipes that have been exquisitely executed by the chefs. The detail and precision that goes into the cooking is of an assured Two Star level, with superbly balanced spicing present throughout.

Opheem, Birmingham

The other Indian restaurant breaking new ground is the wonderful Opheem, which becomes Birmingham’s first-ever Two Michelin Star restaurant. Described as ‘progressive Indian cuisine’ by Chef-Owner Aktar Islam, it serves highly original dishes that keep Indian cooking at their core but have a more modern slant than at Gymkhana. Each creation demonstrates sophistication and depth of flavour, while showcasing the fabulous culinary knowledge that goes into such complementary flavour and texture combinations.

Terre, Castlemartyr

In Ireland, County Cork has another Two Star restaurant to add to its roster, in the form of Terre. Located inside the stunning Castlemartyr Resort, this is a restaurant entirely befitting of its surroundings. After being awarded their first Star last year, Vincent Crepel and his chefs have made quick work of taking themselves to the Two Star level. This has been achieved thanks to original, modern dishes with well-judged contrasts that allow the supreme quality of the ingredients to shine.

Trivet, London

Another London restaurant moving to the Two Star level is Trivet, the collaboration between Chef Jonny Lake and Sommelier Isa Bal. As co-owners, they have crafted a memorable experience anchored by bold cooking that packs so much flavour into every mouthful. Jonny’s experience is clear to see in the punchy dishes that combine quality ingredients with flawless technique. With Isa being a previous winner of the Michelin Sommelier Award, it’s no surprise that the wine list is tremendous and really enhances the overall experience.

Moving north of the border, this year also sees Two Stars awarded to The Glenturret Lalique. Housed inside a working distillery, a feeling of luxury washes over you here, with Lalique glass products everywhere you look – from decanters to chandeliers. The cooking itself comes from Mark Donald and his team and maintains that luxury approach, with ingredients like lobster, caviar and Wagyu beef popping up on the menu. These are treated with utmost precision by the chefs, resulting in outstanding dishes.

New 3 Star Restaurants

The Ledbury, London

Being awarded a third Michelin Star is an enormous achievement. It is the very highest of gastronomic honours and is not given lightly. The latest restaurant to reach this elite level is The Ledbury in Notting Hill, which delivers everything the Michelin Inspectors expect to find in a Three Star restaurant. Led by Brett Graham, the kitchen team display a technical mastery across dishes that deliver sublime flavours using ingredients of unsurpassable quality. Each mouthful provides considerable depth of flavour, with the consistently harmonious combinations showcasing a streak of originality. An elegant setting, a convivial atmosphere and impeccable service round out the masterful experience.

If you are looking for opportunities in a Michelin starred environment, please contact our team on 01422 893 009 or email

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